Fusion Newsletter Article: Spotlight – HCA West Florida Saves $1M!

Spotlight: HCA West Florida Saves $1M!

In each edition, we want to highlight a foodservice operation and show you what makes them successful. Success can be manifested in different ways, such as increasing patient satisfaction, streamlining procedures, or achieving significant savings.

HCA West Florida Saves $1M!In today’s economic landscape, operations are continuously finding ways to cut costs to reach their bottom line. As an operator, wouldn’t it be great to find a way to save, let’s say, $250,000? That’s a HUGE amount, right? Let’s take it further, how about $500,000 or $750,000? Well, HCA West Florida Division was able to achieve savings of over $1 million through best practices that they’ve implemented, which includes using foodservice automation. HCA West Florida is a network of hospitals, outpatient surgery and diagnostic imaging facilities that service the West and Central Florida areas. It is part of HCA, a leading provider of healthcare services that includes 162 hospitals under its network.

One of the challenges that HCA West Florida needed to solve was to manage costs while balancing the quality of patient food. Joyce Hagen-Flint, Division Director, Food, and Nutrition Services, spearheaded the effort and through the division’s endeavors, were able to lower cost using a combination of factors1 such as:

  • Supply chain compliance: increasing the purchase of food from their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)
  • Implementing a room service delivery model: cost savings realized through less food waste
  • Modifying recipe ingredients: for example, using less costly meats in dishes than using traditionally more expensive ingredients. Because of surging beef prices, they modified a chili recipe to contain 80% turkey and 20% beef. This change garnered a 24% cost saving . . . and the revamped recipe was a hit!
  • Using a foodservice automation system

HCA West Florida is contracted with Entegra Procurement Services, the sole source foodservice vendor of the HealthTrust Purchasing Group. By raising compliance, they brought down costs significantly. With a 95.8% compliancy rate, they garnered savings of $1 million in 2012. This in part was enabled through the use of the foodservice automation system, Hospitality Suite, and its reporting engine that shows costs associated with vendors.

You can read the full details related to this article in our press release.


1HealthTrust Purchasing Group. "Order Up!" The Source 2nd Quarter (2013): 8+.

A.B. PendonArticle by: A.B. Pendon, Senior Marketing Manager; Fusion, 4th Quarter, 2013