Long Term Care

Long-Term Care

With the future generations having longer life spans, the long-term care market has and will continue to see a rise among the resident and patient populations. As with any industry, there are specific challenges that are unique to the continuing care market. Being that older adults are continually at risk of malnutrition, it is all the more reason to have effective nutrition protocols in place. Additionally, overseeing the nutritional analysis of continuing care patients on a long-term basis entails accuracy and consistency.

Taking these factors into consideration, Computrition offers healthcare foodservice software to accommodate the changing needs of this dynamic demographic. Not only does our technology have a proven track record of helping long term care operators comply with food safety regulations and meet challenging budgetary constraints, but also monitor patient’s nutrient intake and enhance the resident’s overall dining experience.

Foodservice is one of the top areas of priority when families are deliberating which facility is most optimal for the continuous care of their loved one. By partnering with Computrition and implementing a comprehensive foodservice software, you can positively impact the decisions of prospective residents.

See Solutions for Long-Term Care

Nutrition Care Management (NCM)

Nutrition Care ManagementComputrition's diet office Nutrition Care Management solution controls costs and promotes patient/resident satisfaction. Functionalities include the ability to track diet orders, weight changes, likes, dislikes, and allergies, and other patient/resident-specific data.

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CareTrakkerAn easy-to-use diet office and foodservice management application for the long-term care industry. Core features include client-server abilities, automation of menu functions and tracking of resident food preferences, nourishments, and medical and weight histories


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Foodservice Operations Management (FOM)

Foodservice Operations ManagementComputrition's Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) solution provides foodservice operators with the tools to control food costs and increase efficiency. This application can be used in any setting requiring inventory control, menu management, item purchasing, and production planning.

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AMPSThe Automated Menu Planning Suite (AMPS) add-on module saves time and money by automatically writing menus.



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HL7 Interface

HL7 InterfaceThe interface provides a real-time, unidirectional, HL7 compliant, interface with a facility’s electronic health record system in order to pass information into Hospitality Suite.


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