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Why Use Foodservice Software?

Decades ago, a hospital may have been able to manage its operations without an automated system in place. But with today's unpredictable business environment and with an ever-decreasing budget, a healthcare foodservice software system is no longer an option – it's a necessity!

Computrition understands the critical business issues that your hospital operations are facing right now which includes raising patient satisfaction scores, increasing hospital reimbursementsreducing costs, decreasing food waste, and increasing retail revenue. These are the issues that Computrition has put a laser focus on to help professionals solve using our hospital foodservice software system, Hospitality Suite.

Here Are Just a Few Customers Who Benefited from Our System

  • HCA West Florida: Over $1,000,000 savings achieved with help from Hospitality Suite.
  • Geisinger Medical Center: Reduced costs of $200,000 in their foodservice operations during the first year of implementation (see their case study).
  • BSA Health System: Within one year, they raised their patient satisfaction scores from the 54th percentile to the 93rd percentile (see their customer success video).
  • CoxHealth: With the help of our hospital-specific POS system, cashless transactions netted great benefits including an increase in overall transaction amounts, an increase in overall sales and faster throughput in their cafeterias (see their customer success videos).

For more on our healthcare foodservice software systems, see the information below.

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Hospitality Suite (HS)

Hospitality SuiteThe most robust and comprehensive hospital foodservice software system in the Computrition suite of products. It is engineered specifically to automate your foodservice, nutrition services, and retail environment.


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Foodservice Operations Management (FOM)

Foodservice Operations ManagementComputrition's Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) solution provides foodservice operators with the tools to control food costs and increase efficiency. This application can be used in any setting requiring inventory control, menu management, item purchasing, and production planning.

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Nutrition Care Management (NCM)

Nutrition Care ManagementComputrition's diet office Nutrition Care Management solution controls costs and promotes patient/resident satisfaction. Functionalities include the ability to track diet orders, weight changes, likes, dislikes, and allergies, and other patient/resident-specific data.

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SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale (POS)

Point-of-SaleRegardless of how challenging your facility's information system configuration may be, Computrition's SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale is the right point-of-sale solution (POS) you need to meet all of your foodservice management, clinical nutrition and financial transaction and processing needs.

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Room Service

Room ServiceOur Room Service application can increase patient and guest satisfaction without compromising health or well-being and is the ideal solution for healthcare operations interested in promoting a room service approach.


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Room Service Connect

Room Service ConnectOptimize your room service call center with our Room Service Connect add-on module.



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Tray InMotion

Tray InMotionTray InMotion is a real-time, integrated, and easy-to-use application of its kind enabling your staff to efficiently manage tray delivery and retrieval of patient and guest meals for your operation.


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Bedside Connect

Bedside ConnectThis tablet-based add-on module helps you efficiently collect patient meal selections with touch screen capabilities, making it a pleasant ordering experience for the patient, increasing satisfaction.


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EasyTouch Menu Selections

EasyTouch Menu SelectionsEasyTouch Menu Selections is the complete touch screen solution for any healthcare-based nutrition services operation. Developed primarily for room service environments, EasyTouch Menu Selections offers increased sophistication, flexibility and speed to the patient menu selection process.

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TouchPoint Dining

TouchPoint DiningAs an add-on module to Hospitality Suite and in conjunction with a meal ordering system and in-suite TVs/monitors, TouchPoint Dining offers clinically-specified menus displayed directly to patients. Using this technology, patients order their desired items from the TV/monitor and Hospitality Suite subsequently processes the order.

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XChange Gateway

Xchange GatewayAs an add-on module to Hospitality Suite, it provides the ability to mine data from and update information within Hospitality Suite to and from third party systems. Its application includes, but not limited to, allowing customers to make meal selections and review nutritional analysis via the Web and posting dynamic menus on digital menu boards.

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Inventory Connect

Web Recipes and Web MenusSimplify the arduous task of maintaining item stock levels and adding requisitions.



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Web Recipes and Web Menus

Web Recipes and Web MenusWeb Recipes and Web Menus are Computrition's solutions for viewing and printing recipes and menus on-line!



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Web Menus Mobile

Web Menus MobileIncrease traffic into your dining locations by giving patrons the ability to view meals served at the locations, along with the nutrient content to make healthy meal choices.



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Nutrition Food Labeling

Nutrition Food LabelingIf you are selling prepackaged foods or serving menu items in cafes or retail areas, then this may be the product for you. Inspectors have already begun recommending, if not requiring, labeling or display of the nutrient content of your prepackaged food sold in your operations. Rely on us to provide you with the key solution to your peace of mind!

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AMPSThe Automated Menu Planning Suite (AMPS) add-on module saves time and money by automatically writing menus.



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HL7 Interface

HL7 InterfaceThe interface provides a real-time, unidirectional, HL7 compliant, interface with a facility’s electronic health record system in order to pass information into Hospitality Suite.


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