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For more than 35 years, Computrition has been the leading provider of foodservice software in the healthcare, university, long-term care, military and corrections industries. Our software products have increased the efficiency and productivity in these market segments, specifically in their foodservice, nutrition services, and retail operations. Staffed by dietitians, former foodservice directors, business and service professionals and certified technical specialists, Computrition possesses the expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality products and services with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Core Foodservice Software Products


Nutrition Care Management (NCM)

Features and Benefits Include: electronic patient cardex, tray ticket generation, menu development and substitutions, allergy flagging, diet order management, HIS interface, increasing patient satisfaction scores, helping to generate hospital reimbursements, and more.

Foodservice Operations Management (FOM)

Features and Benefits Include: menu production, automatic food ordering, price updates, HACCP functionality, inventory control, post meal counts, forecasting, central production capabilities, cost analysis, budget management, and more.

SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale (POS)

Features and Benefits Include: point-of-sale, declining balance, employee payroll deduction, throughput increase, forecasting, integration with back-of-the-house systems, digital menu board interface, highest level of credit card security, and more.

Hospitality Suite

Features and Benefits Include: enterprise level foodservice automation software, ideal for single or multi-site operations, contains all functionality of core products for nutrition services, foodservice, and retail with several add-on modules available for extended functionalities.


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Zip Tip Video: Creating a Culinary Experience in a Hospital Within a Room Service Environment

The word "culinary" is not usually associated with healthcare foodservice. However, with the advent of room service, the term has been put at the forefront of foodservice departments, and rightly so. With food as the business, the goal now is to bring nutritious, tasty and well-presented food to the patient population. So how do we upgrade our foodservice? By changing mindsets toward hospital food to think more in the realm of providing patients with a culinary experience in a room service environment as opposed to simply eating food for nourishment. See what we mean by seeing our short video that is sure to give you tips in a zip.

"The product...far exceeds that of their competition,"

A Healthy Step Above the RestRead this article and learn why Computrition makes a tremendous impact in foodservice facilities like UNC Health Care.

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